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Cuisine at Casa Angel is fabulous! Most guests prefer to dine in at Casa Angel for that very reason. The menu below is only a sampling of the various dishes which can be prepared fresh for your enjoyment at Casa Angel. We suggest that you try to plan your meals one day in advance to ensure the necessary ingredients are available and can be carefully selected and prepared by the skillful hands of Bertha, the House Chef. Cesar can assist guests in creating a comprehensive daily menu and the schedule for each meal to be served.

If you prefer to dine out, dining in Acapulco is an event, and you will find some of Mexico’s best international and Mexican cuisine in beautiful settings along the city’s beachfront. Those looking for an evening out on the town can choose from a variety of fine dining, local native gastronomy or casual bar and grills. You will find a wide variety of cuisines from Thai and German to Spanish and Japanese. The possibilities are endless.

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Welcome to the cuisine at Casa Angel. This menu contains a list of various dishes which are available for your enjoyment. It is suggested that you try to plan your meals one day in advance to ensure the necessary groceries can be carefully selected and made available to the cook. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit.


Juice / Jugo
Orange Juice / Jugo de Naranja
Grapefruit Juice / Jugo de Toronja
Apple Juice / Jugo de Manzana

Fruit / Frutas
Watermelon / Sandia
Cantaloupe / Melon chino
Bananas / Platanos
Papaya / Papaya
Mangos / Mangos
Grapefruit / Toronja


Traditional Fish Cocktail / Ceviche
Guacamole / Guacamole
Nachos / Nachos
Steak Sandwich / Pepitos
Beef Fajitas / Fajitas de Res
Chicken Fajitas / Fajitas de Pollo
Mexican appetizer / Chalupas
Traditional Chicken Tacos / Tacos de Pollo
Tortillas with melted cheese / Quesadillas


Salads / Ensaladas
Caesar / Caesar
Mixed Green / Mixta
Asparagus / Esparragos
Avocado / Aguacate
Spinach / Espinacas
Stuffed Tomatoes / Jitomates Rellenos
Stuffed Avocado / Aguacate Relleno


Sauces / Salsas
Tomato / Salsa de Jitomate
Green Chile / Salsa de Chile Verde
Tarter / Salsa Tártara
Mushroom / Salsa de Champiñones
Mexican / Salsa Mexicana
Curry / Salsa Curry
Pico de Gallo / Pico de Gallo


Beef / Carne De Res
Hamburgers / Hamburguesa
Beef Enchiladas / Enchiladas de Carne
Charcoal Steak / Tampiqueña
Beef Tamales / Tamales de Carne
Shredded Beef with Eggs / Salpicón
Beef Tenderloin / Filete migñon entero
Beef strip loins / Asado de New York


Pork / Puerco
Pork and Apricot Roast / Asado de Puerco Chabacano
Ribs / Costillas
Barbequed Leg of Pork / Pierna Asada Barbacoa
Baked Ham / Jamon al Horno
Sausage / Salchichon
Pork Tamales / Tamales de Puerco


Chocolate Pudding / Pudín de Chocolate
Coconut Pudding / Pudín de Coco
Chocolate Cake / Pastel de Chocolate
Pineapple Upside-down Cake / Pastel de Piña Invertido
Peach Torte / Tortada de Durazno
Lime Pie / Pie de Limón
Apple Pie / Pie de Manzana
Strawberries with Cream / Fresas con Crema
Banana in Rum / Plátanos al Ron
Jello / Gelatina
Vanilla Custard / Flan
Sherbert / Nieve
Ice Cream / Helado

Your selection of / A su elección
Eggs Mexicana / Huevos a la Mexicana
Eggs Rancheros / Huevos Rancheros
Scrambled Eggs / Huevos Revueltos
Pancakes / Hot Cakes
French Toast / Pan Francés
Bacon / Tocino
Ham / Jamón
Omelets / Omelet
Sausage / Chorizo


Black Bean / Fríjol
Asparagus / Espárragos
Tomato / Jitomate
Vegetable / Verduras
Onion / Cebolla
Chicken / Pollo
Corn / Elote
Tortilla / Tortilla
Traditional Pozole / Pozole
Cold Avocado / Aguacate Fría
Vichyssoise / Vichyssoise
Gazpacho / Gazpacho

Vegetables / Verduras
Baked Potatoes / Papas al Horno
Gruyere Potatoes / Papas Gruyere
Potatoe Souffle / Suffle de Papas
French Fries / Papas Francesa
Corn / Elote
Stuffed Onions / Cebollas Rellenos
Mexican Squash au Gratin / Chayote al gratin
Stuffed Zuchinni / Calabacitas Rellenos
Artichokes / Alcachofas
Mexican Rice / Arroz a la Mexicana
Beets / Betabeles
Beans / Frijoles
Carrots / Zanahoria

Dressings / Aderezos
Thousand Island / Mil Islas
Vinagrette / Vinagreta
French / Frances
Blue Cheese / Roquefort

Poultry / Aves
Chicken Tacos / Tacos de Pollo
Chicken Curry / Pollo al Curry
Charcoal Chicken / Pollo al Carbon
Baked Chicken / Pollo al Horno
Chicken Enchiladas / Enchiladas de Pollo
Poulet au Vin Blanc / Pollo al Vino Blanco
Roasted Turkey / Pollo al Horno


Garlic Shrimp / Camarones al Mojo de Ajo
Shrimp and Rice / Camarones con Arroz
Charcoaled Shrimp / Camarones al Carbón
Red Snapper Veracruz / Huachinango a la Veracruzana
Breaded Red Snapper Filet / Filete Huachinango Empanizado
White meat fish / Róbalo o Mojarra
Shark / Tiburón