Acapulco - the glittering jewel of Mexico's Pacific Coast.

Set in gorgeous natural surroundings, Acapulco offers an enormous range of attractions, activities and history. Calm, sunny beaches and exuberant vegetation that surrounds one of the loveliest bays in the Pacific blend seamlessly with major hotel complexes, superb restaurants and wonderful nightclubs.

Acapulco has something to suit every taste and budget and offers a range of activities for the whole family. The main attractions of the bay are its more than twenty beaches, each with a distinct atmosphere, where you can choose your favorite water sport. Enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for sports fishing, diving, water skiing and snorkeling. There are also several ecological areas that are ideal for picnics and horse riding, as well as golf courses and tennis courts.

Acapulco boasts a variety of restaurants offering everything from regional to international cuisine. The port's nightlife is intense and extremely diverse, offering something for every taste. The city also offers the latest fashion and design trends for the shopping enthusiast.

Getting Here

Your destination is Acapulco, Mexico and the airport code is ACA. When researching prices, always look for the best possible deals with the reservation agent and you may find considerable savings.

By Air:
There are multiple daily and weekly flights that connect Acapulco to principal world cities throughout the year. The modern and spacious airport just 20 minutes from the main tourist areas provides all types of local ground transportation, including air-conditioned autos, vans and buses.

Direct and non-stop flights are available from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Newark and Phoenix. Connections can be made through Mexico City from New York, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as many other American cities. European travelers can also make connections through Mexico City. Several Canadian charters operate seasonal direct flights. Please consult your local travel agent.

By Car:
Driving time from Mexico City on the new scenic superhighway Autopista del Sol takes approximately 3 1/2 hours. The drive was significantly reduced with the creation of Acapulco's "maxi tunnel" in 1996. It is the longest tunnel in Latin America stretching 2,950 meter long complete with up-to-date security equipment including a closed circuit TV that monitors all cars from entrance to exit. Utmost technology was applied during its construction and as a result the driving time was lessened by 25 minutes.

By Bus:
Traveling by bus takes five hours from Mexico City on the Autopista del Sol superhighway. It is a non-stop trip. You can travel comfortably in a modern air-conditioned bus at a reasonable price. A round-trip ticket is approximately $60.00 (USD). Check the on-board amenities when purchasing your ticket to assure that the bus is equipped with washroom facilities as well as refreshments. You are allowed to bring food and beverage with you. No alcohol permitted.

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