Why is renting Casa Angel better than staying at a hotel?

Casa Angel offers more freedom and privacy for guests than staying at a hotel or resort. On top of that, our experienced and trained staff delivers personalized service you won't find anywhere else. With a fully equipped kitchen, and a self-contained property, you'll also find that the price of staying at Casa Angel is quite comparable, or less than, the combination of hotel rates and dining out.

Are the rates per person or for the entire home?

Our rates are for the rental of the entire villa. In certain cases, a reduced rate may apply for smaller groups occupying 1 or 2 bedrooms (2-4 persons). When you are inquiring about rates and/or making reservations, it is important that we receive an accurate number of guests in your group.

Is there a minimum stay required?

During Christmas and New Year's season there is a 12 night stay required. All other dates are negotiable, depending on availability.

What does the house come equipped with?

Casa Angel comes fully furnished and with a full-time staff. You will find everything you need for a relaxing vacation. Standard amenities include items such as pool towels, bed linens, room towels, tableware, cutlery, etc.

What if I have a special request?

The staff at Casa Angel can accommodate most guest requests with adequate advance notice. If you have a special request, please bring it to our attention when you book your reservation.

What about the house staff?

The full-time staff at Casa Angel has been with us for more than 15 years - to us, they are family. Their experiences and personal touches have made hundreds of guests feel at home the moment they arrive at the villa. Cesar, the House Manager and Concierge typically provides new guests a short introduction of the attractions, restaurants and other areas of interest to understand how to accommodate you during your stay. Click here to meet the staff.

How much should I tip the staff?

We recommend $15 to $20 per Casa Angel guest per day. It is suggested that the tip be placed in an envelope and given to Cesar who will distribute it to the staff. If you prefer to distribute the tip directly to the individual staff members rather than give to Cesar to distribute, a suggested distribution might be:

  • Cesar - 30%
  • Bertha - 30%
  • Cristina - 15%
  • Waiter - 10%
  • Laundress - 10%
  • Assistant Cook - 5%
Is the water safe to drink?

No, the tap water in this area is not safe to drink. The house rental includes bottled water to serve all your drinking and cooking water needs.

Is it safe to eat lettuce, veggies and have ice in drinks in restaurants?

For fresh produce, most restaurants that cater to tourists wash their fruits and vegetables in a mild sanitizer/disinfectant and serve purified water and ice.

When should I make my reservation?

Booking your reservation early is always the best practice, as Casa Angel has many return guests, especially during the high season and end-of-year holidays. Reservations can be made via telephone, fax or e-mail, and we will be in close contact with you prior to your arrival.

Whom do I contact if there are any problems?

Our House Manager, Cesar, will act as your primary contact during your stay in Acapulco. You can be completely confident that he will take care of any questions, concerns or problems during your stay.

How does the payment schedule work?

We require a 50% deposit to guarantee a reservation. The balance is to be received 30 days prior to your check-in date.

What types of payments do you accept?

You can pay for your reservation by personal check, money order or wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits and payments are non-refundable. For peace of mind, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. In the event that Casa Angel should be sold or become unfit for habitation, and no equivalent substitute property is available, a full refund will be given for any unused rental time.

When will I get the damage deposit returned to me?

Damage deposits are fully refundable to you within eight to 12 weeks of your departure, provided there are no damages, missing items or long distance telephone calls charged to the house phone.

Suppose I want to cook when I am there?

Guests may use the kitchen facilities upon request. There is no rate reduction if you do your own cooking.

Where can we shop for groceries?

In downtown Acapulco, there are many large grocery stores including Wal-Mart, Comercial Mexicana, Sam's Club and Costco. You'll also find mini-marts everywhere within the main tourist zone. Local community markets are also popular destinations for those looking for the authentic shopping experience. We can provide the service of pre-stocking the home with food and beverages upon request.

How do we shop for food during our stay?

The most popular choice is to let the house staff purchase all the food on your behalf based on the menus that you prepare. The staff will present you with an estimate for the cost of food and transportation and return any change along with the receipt. The daily cost for food and beverages per adult per day runs approximately $20-35 per person depending on the menu, number of meals and alcohol. The cost of food naturally increases with the addition of alcohol or specialty ingredients - especially imported wines and champagnes, or non-native foods. The second option is that you go to the market and grocery store with the House Manager or on your own and purchase the food. Guests have found that a trip to the market with the Cesar can be quite interesting and educating. Making at least one trip to the market and grocery store will also give you a perspective on the cost of food in Acapulco.

Suppose we want to go out for a night on the town, could we leave the kids?

Yes, many of our guests bring children to Casa Angel, and we can arrange for nanny service upon request. Rates vary depending on the time you return, but are generally very reasonable. We can provide you with more information if you anticipate the need for a nanny.

Can I have guests over if I rent the villa?

You may have a few guests over to visit, however, there may be additional charges for meal preparation and for any other services or facilities used beyond that provided for the rental party. You may not invite groups of people (separate from the rental party) to the villa for functions, such as family reunions, meetings, weddings, etc., without prior written consent. Guests separate from the rental party may not stay overnight. We ask that you do not invite strangers (people you did not know prior to your trip) into the villa for security reasons. The occupancy for the villa is as stated in the rental contract and may not be modified except by prior written agreement.

What if I am traveling with children?

Since Casa Angel is much more spacious than hotel accommodations, it is ideally suited to vacationing with children. If you will need baby equipment please let us know in advance so that we can quote you prices for rental and arrange delivery of the items at the villa when you arrive.

Should we provide you with a list of things we want at the villa when we arrive, like food, alcoholic beverages, etc.?

We ask for a pre-order list of food items one month before your trip. This includes the menu for the first night dinner and next day breakfast, any problem foods (e.g., allergies), and any liquor you might like to have available when you arrive. We require that your pre-order funds be included with your final payment.

How easy is it to exchange money?

It is very easy to exchange U.S. and Canadian dollars, Euros, and other currencies into pesos at banks and currency exchange offices in Acapulco. If you are using traveler's checks, you will need to show a government issued picture I.D. (your passport is preferred).

Will shops and stores accept U.S. dollars?

You can use U.S. dollars in most places, but you will probably not get the best exchange rate. Additionally, you will receive pesos, not dollars, as change.

Is there an ATM machine in Acapulco?

Yes. If your bank card is part of a large network (Plus, Star, Cirrus, etc.) you can use it in ATM machines in Acapulco. The money will be withdrawn from you home country bank account at the daily interbank exchange rate, which is usually the best. The ATM will give you Mexican Pesos. Your bank will charge your account at the current exchange rate. Banks also typically charge a small fee for a foreign transaction.

Are there good hospitals, doctors or pediatricians around?

There are a number of doctors in Acapulco area. The villa staff will know how to reach a doctor if one is needed. For serious health problems, we recommend Hospital Pacifico. It has an excellent pediatrician/neonatology and the house manager can recommend other doctors and specialists. Before your visit, please check with your insurance company so you know what procedure to follow just in case you do develop a medical emergency. Depending on your health care plan, you may need to investigate a short term travel insurance plan.

What services do you offer?

The personalized service provided by our full-time staff is included in the rental fee. Additional services are available at an extra charge, such as car rental, massage therapist, babysitting, entertainment and activities such a swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, jungle tours, and more. Just ask us for help.

What is the Departure Tax at the airport?

Acapulco has a departure tax that is payable in cash only at the airport upon your departure. Currently, the tax is $27 (USD), or the equivalent in foreign currency.

Can family and friends call us at our villa?

Yes. People can call you at Casa Angel from the U.S. by dialing 011 52 744 and the 7-digit telephone number (446-5440). From other countries, callers should use normal international dialing procedures (+52 744 446 5440). The country code for Acapulco is (52) and the area code for Acapulco is (744). The local phone number at the house is 446-5440.

Will my telephone credit cards work in Acapulco?

Most telephone credit cards will not work from Acapulco. You may be able to use your AT&T, MCI or Sprint cards from Acapulco by dialing the respective 800 numbers. The telephone system at Casa Angel allows the use of AT&T, MCI and Sprint cards. If you need to make long distance calls when you are away from Casa Angel, you may purchase pre-paid calling cards that can be used at public phones that accept these cards. The House Manager can arrange for the purchase of these cards upon request.

Can I use my wireless telephone in Acapulco?

Prior to making any personal cellular calls during your stay in Acapulco, please check with your phone provider to confirm that you have the proper roaming agreements with service providers such as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc. If you have roaming service with these providers, you may be able to "roam" while in Acapulco, but we advise you to check with your wireless service provider and verify the costs of these calls as it can be very expensive.

What can I do if I need wireless service but my phone will not work in Acapulco?

If your wireless telephone will not work in Acapulco, we can provide a rental phone at an additional fee. You will be required to purchase pre-paid air time once you arrive in Acapulco. Unused air-time is not refunded.

Is there an added service charge?

We do not have added service charges. However please plan appropriately to tip the staff.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Emergency change of plans can always occur. Trip insurance is a good idea to protect your vacation investment.

What documents do I need to travel to Mexico from the US?

Visitors from the U.S. need a valid passport. Travelers from other countries may need a visa. After proof of citizenship has been verified, you will receive a free Mexican Tourist Card, which you must keep with you at all times when in Mexico. This permit must be given to officials upon your departure from the country. If you lose your Mexican Tourist Card you can obtain a copy or permission to leave the country from the local Immigration Office.

What documents do children need to travel to Mexico from the US?

All US and Canadian citizens, regardless of age, traveling by air between Mexico and the United States are required to present a passport. As of June 1st, 2009, U.S. and Canadian citizens aged 16 and over who are entering the United States from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean by land or sea are required to show a passport or alternative document such as a passport card or enhanced driver's license. Children up to the age of 15 may present proof of citizenship alone, such as a birth certificate, a consular report of birth abroad, a naturalization certificate, or a Canadian citizenship card.

In order to prevent international child abductions, minors traveling without their parents, or with only one parent, may be asked to present proof that they have their parents' authorization for travel. A minor traveling unaccompanied by his or her parents must carry a notarized letter signed by the parents authorizing the travel. If only one parent is traveling with the child, they may be asked to show either documents proving they have sole legal custody of the child, or a notarized letter from the other parent authorizing the child to travel outside the country of origin.

Is there a US Embassy in Acapulco?

There is a US Consular Agency in Acapulco, part of the US Embassy to Mexico. The US Department of State provides information online for travelers to Mexico.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Spanish is helpful when traveling in Mexico, but not necessary. Most people working in tourist industries such as tours, restaurants and shops do speak English as well as Spanish (and often several other languages as well). If you are interested, you could learn a few polite words of Spanish before arriving in Mexico. is a helpful place to start. Por favor (please) and Gracias (thank you) are always nice to use.

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